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Research Unit:
CITA: Center for Information Technology and Architecture

Centre for Information Technology and Architecture (CITA) is a new research centre at the Royal DanishAcademy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture. Probing the emergent intersections between architecture and digital technologies, we investigate how the current forming of a digital culture impacts on architectural thinking and practice.

CITA examines how new digital design and production tools are changing the way in which we conceptualise, design and build architecture. Computational tools expand architectural design space to include the iterative and the parametric, thereby enabling a new thinking of complexity. By combining computational thinking with digital tooling and manufacture, CITA explores how digital crafting and computational materials expands architectural design, re-disovering past crafts and techniques, while inventing new.

CITA investigates three key research themes:
Digital Formations: new parametric design tools and their physical counterpart.
Digital Formations questions how new parametric tools and their interfacing with tools for environmental or structural analysis as well as digital tooling can lead to new ways of designing and building architecture.

Behaving Architectures : new programmable smart materials and interactive textiles.
Behaving Architectures questions how the built environment can be conceived as a reactive space, a live organism, that acts and reacts on its inhabitation.

Interface Ecologies : intelligent programming and realtime interfacing. Interface Ecologies questions how ideas of liveness can challenge the way we think architectural design space. Exploring hybrid spaces that join digital and physical experiences, Interface Ecologies questions how such spaces can become part of architectural practice.

CITA employs a practice based research method based on the implementation and design of working probes and full scale demonstrators that allow for direct testing and creative trouble shooting. The centre focuses on a broad dissemination strategy including exhibition, performances and open symposia.