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Topology Optimisation

Topology optimization describes a generative process for the creation of minimum weight structures with maximum stiffness.

For a description see:

Bendsøe, Martin P., and Ole Sigmund. Topology Optimization: Theory, Methods and Applications. Berlin Heidelberg, 2003 : Springer Verlag, 2nd. edition 2003.

Some screendumps, workstudies and studies for topology optimized geometries, all wip. tests are done with the design space is subdivided into discrete tetrahedra or block entities that are calculated with Finite Element analysis for identification of structural fitness.

It is interesting to investigate this design method as a translation of tradional formfinding methods, that reference frei otto, gaudi , heinrich huebsch and others.

Manifest for Leopold Lambert [ ]

Leopold Lambert  from Pratt asked me to write a manifesto for a future architecture. and this was the result:

To write about a future vision of Architecture asks for a systematic concept on how we can blend competing interests and possibilities, be they of technological, economical or social nature, into a building practice.  I don´t have [...]

Workshop Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen

Generative Design with Topologically Optimized Structures (see blog

The 5 day workshop will investigate a generative formfinding method for the creation of minimum weight structures with maximized Stiffness. This methodology that is more common in mechanical engineering and aeronautical research projects should be investigated for a potential application in an architectural [...]

Material Tests of 3D FGM

Graded stiffness Values of three Additive fabrication probes with 3D heterogenous properties
The following experiment investigates the creation of a three-dimensionally gradient material with varying degrees of stiffness with the aid of additive fabrication. The experiment employs a performance profile that is created through finite element analysis (FEA) for the creation of locally different mechanical properties. [...]